Friday, August 1, 2008

Learn French Courses

Hi, my name is Adrien Matt. I am a French native. I grew up outside of Paris and I now live in the States. Half of my family is from the U.S. and lots of my family members and friends have asked me for the best way to learn French. I have also had to learn Spanish since I travel a lot to Costa Rica and Panama for business. I decided to test several "how to learn French courses" and these are my 3 top choices. The final choice is up to you based on your budget. These are all great systems and all come with a full money back guarantee.

Tell Me More: Complete French Learning Software

This is the most comprehensive system I have tested. It's a total of 2,000 hours of French lessons including 10 hours of video. There are a lot of sophisticated systems on the market but what makes this system unique is the speech recognition software.

It visually guides you toward the correct pronunciation as you repeat the words and sentenses. It's like having your own native speaker sitting next to you. They also offer weekly 30 min. online news commentary, role play. etc...

The audio is also totally portable and downloadable to your Pocket PC, MP3 player and CD player. It takes you through 10 levels of learning all the way to fluent French.

Very comprehensive with 24/7 support. The price is $399.99. If you are serious about learning French in a very interactive way, this is the best how to learn French courses out there. This is my favorite and I encourage you to watch the guided tour video. It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee but if price is an issue, consider these other options:

Marie Claire's interactive French lesson is one of the most sold on the internet and I think the main reason is that her method is fun.

One of the challenges when learning a language is to stay motivated. Her energetic and fun approach makes it easy. In 2 months she will help you master French conversational skills. It's basically 11 hours of audio recordings with written transcripts.

You can get a taste of her lessons with a Free 6-day class. If budget is a concern for you, you can get the instant download version. At the time of my writing this post, she is running a a special for $99.95 instead of the hard copy price of $299.95.

Marie-Claire offers support through a Forum and e-mail. For the price, it is one of the best package out there no matter what your level is. The hard copy version comes in CDs or tapes. If you prefer a portable version you can take with you in the car on a CD player, consider buying the hard copy. More info.

The Primsleur Approcah is another well established language learning system. It is used by the CIA and the FBI. Dr. Primsleur, a linguist, took 40 years to come up with his approach.

He studied the way children learn their own native language. He deconstructed the process and came up with this audio system. It is very effective and only requires 30 minutes per day.

It basically teaches you the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation all at once in the same way children learn. You can read more about the Primsleur method of acquiring knowledge by anticipation and how the method reinforces your memorization.

If you are looking for a fast system you can take with you anywhere. This is it. Note that there is no visual aid with this program. The French conversational course is priced at $49.95. More advanced modules are available. You can start with a free lesson. More info.

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